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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Salad

This is my favorite meal of the moment. It is SOOOOOOOOO good.
romaine lettuce pieces
one large very ripe peach cut into chunks
blue cheese - preferably a nice firm one cut into little chunks or you can buy the crumbles (Gorgonzola works well too)- around 1/2 cup
red onion - sliced thin
toasted almond slivers - 1/4 cup
***easy to make yourself! Just spray a nonstick pan with cooking spray, put the flame on medium, add your almonds, and as soon as you hear them cracklin', start turning them. Don't walk away from them - keep turning and they will be turning golden brown. Take off heat and add a little salt - keep turning for a minute 'cause they will keep cooking even off the heat.
Dressing is olive oil and white vinegar to taste, salt and pepper too!
If you want to eat this as a meal, add chicken breast chunks, I am telling you this is the best salad EVER!
Kudos to my friend Kris D and Real Simple.


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