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Saturday, July 15, 2006

She Shoots, She SCORES!!!

Yesterday I called/emailed about 15 Brooklyn shops - and I have already heard back from two who want to carry my bags!!!!!!!!!! It is really exciting because the shops are AMAZING. My chest is VERY puffed out right now.

I just keep digging through photos, I highly recommend doing it once in a while. Since we are having our HUGE camp reunion in September, I am trying to dig out all of my old camp photos. I found these two last night:

This one is from 10 years ago at least, when my hairdresser in Philly at the time wanted to use me in her portfolio - I was a hair model!!

This one is from my senior prom. It was 1986, and I was wearing a vintage black and pink taffeta dress from the 50s. My date was my boyfriend, Ian, can you believe how amazing his hair was? I wish I could find him, I have been searching for a couple of years now, I have no idea where he is. This was just the start of a LONG, drug filled evening. Good Lord.


Blogger lowie said...

personally...i love the earrings.

7:56 AM  

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