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Thursday, July 13, 2006


TEN TOTES!!!!! This one is called Queen Anne. There is no more of this fabric left, and it is so great, it reminds me of those photos that you do when you're a kid, where you lay the ferns down on the photo paper and let the sun expose it - you know the ones. Well, this leads me to the next stage - the daunting task of 'getting myself out there' - I need a spiel and a set of balls. I feel silly walking around with all of my goods, trying to convince people they should carry them - even though I have had good responses in the past. People just don't want to be bothered - and they usually blow you off because people bother them all the time... I guess if I owned a shop I might be that way too, but I like to think I would be a little more understanding :o)


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