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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


OK, so, SPAM is very popular in Hawaii. Apparently, the Hawaiins did not have enough salt, pork, or nitrites in their diet, so they adopted SPAM as their state meat. Hey - when in Rome... I was told more than once that the bottom photo looks like I am eating my own tongue. My own tongue is not 1/2 as salty as that mess - but also not 1/2 as delicious!

The top and middle photos are something called Spam Musubi, which is literally a piece of sushi - but instead of a piece of fish it is Spam. I did not try it, but it is there for sale at the point of purchase in every supermarket! The woman working the register was very amused at the prospect that I was amused by the Spam Musubi. She is the one who took my picture, Mahalo!!!


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