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Monday, September 11, 2006

Treehouse Brooklyn!

Just look at the lovely ladies of Treehouse. Siri and Rebecca - so sweet, crafty, pretty, and now proud owners of a very hot shop on Graham Ave in Willy B. You can even buy Papi's Mami items there if you are so inclined! They are having a fall preview opening on this Thursday the 14th and I am very sad I won't be able to make it.

Funky light box window inside the shop...

This is my new favorite thing in the whole world. I will probably not take it out of the packaging even though I would love to wear it, I can't really bring myself to do so.

One of the greatest places on Graham Ave - first go here and get your iced coffee - the only place in NY who can justify charging $4.00 for a large cup. They will advise you to sip without a straw, and the inside of this place speaks of an amazing time more than 30 years ago when the shop opened. Worth it to come to Williamsburg just to check this place out. No kidding. I was lucky enough to use their bathroom - first they had to "tie the dog up", then I was led down a paneled hallway covered with Jesus paintings and into a tiny coffin-like closet where I was given a flashlight because the light was out. AMAZING!


Blogger Sirius' Space said...

you're so sweet! and rebecca looks so hot in that pic! (not that I'm surprised). must admit i'm a little jealous that you got to use the caffe capri bathroom, i've never been fortunate enough to see the inner workings of one of our fav spots. anyways, papi'smami is where it's at, and can't wait to macrame and decoupage with ya!

swingin' up in the branches,
siri of treehouse*

1:33 PM  

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