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Saturday, September 09, 2006


The more time I spend in Long Island City, the more I like it. Last night I went to meet the Doctor as he was wrapping up a job at The Foundry. Whoa, what an amazing place! It can be rented out for parties, weddings, photo shoots, etc. He was working on a commercial for a diabetic pen. A plant company has their headquarters there - so it was filled with incredible plants on this rooftop deck that I could have easily slept on - last night was so breezy and there was this orange full moon...

Then we went to eat at one of our fave spots in Queens - Elias Corner For Fish. OMG, you need to try it, NOW. I always feel like I am in another country when I eat in there, and last night there was what looked like a Greek Orthodox priest with a long white beard and a black robe sitting in there - I desperately wanted to take his picture but the Doctor thought it would be disrespectful. :o(


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