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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pounding the Pavement

This is a grouping of coin purses.

Today was SO exciting. I went to FOUR shops in Brooklyn, and they ALL want to carry my bags! They are all wonderful places with great products. They are:

Treehouse - GREAT new shop in Willy'B! owned by two LOVELY ladies...Siri and Becky Lee

Sweet Charity - Really sweet shop in Park Slope - she has excellent dishes and pillows and tons of eye candy!

Subdivision (in Queens) A really cool looking store on Vernon Blvd. Sells mostly local indie designers - she also makes her own stuff and they have an art gallery as well! Very cool!

Red Lipstick - amazing shop on Vanderbilt Ave. She is a craftista herself AND has a Chihuahua to boot! You should see her knit bikini tops!

Everyone was so nice and enthusiastic about the bags. I will be smiling AT LEAST til I have to go on my next interview for a *real* job. Harrrrumph.

I have ordered some magnetic snaps and keyrings so I will be updating the bags soon!
ALSO, today I realized that I can do the links if I naviagate Blogger through Firefox instead of Safari - I really am excited about that. I was so stifled before! I can actually BOLD now!


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