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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Love A Parade

Doctor and I went to NJ for a family filled fourth - first the parade in Montclair which was a little disappointing this year, but still had the BBQ at my mom's which is always an interesting cast of characters. Then went to dad's for MORE food and fun! Now I am sure the kids setting off the firecrackers right outside the house will keep us up all night as Papi is going crazy! Anyway, more great photos that were dug out of storage:

AMAZING PHOTO of my great grandparents Kittie and Herman, probably in Atlantic City or Coney Island, I have NO idea what year! It's my maternal Grandmother's parents - just look at Kittie's bathing suit! And those shoes!

OK, What the hell is this? It's me, looking like an inflate-a-baby! I can't believe how much I look like a big beach ball in a dress with arms and legs! The photo is circa 1968 - Good Lord!


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