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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lil Cutie

YAY!!! My pattern came today, so now I know how to sew a zipper into a clutch! WOO-HOO! I am really excited. Now I can bake up a batch of them, and I can use some of the amazing fabrics that I only have a lil bit left of. I did not want to use the kind of snap that I did, but I didn't really know what stage to put the snap in cause the pattern doesn't call for it. Next time I will be all set!

You can see my bulletin board - on the left are my 'Terms of Endearment' Puffy Stickers. One of my favorite posessions. I also have The Police, Duran Duran, and other puffy stickers. Genius. To the right is my 'Coffy' poster - She IS the Godmother of them all, actually. There is also a little mini print made by one of my all time favorite artists - Brad Simon. I love his work, I hope to be able to buy some more of it soon.

You can see my pen container which is a Goya Guanabana Nectar can - I just love Goya's packaging - there is so much incredible things to look at on the shelves of the supermarket. I guess I should bring my camera with me next time I head over to the Fairway. I especially adore foreign packaging with other languages and alphabet - it is SUCH eye candy.

Oh what the heck - here is another one - an Asian drink called "Hapi" - it is really good! Orange drink with lots of pulp! It makes me Hapi to drink it!!


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